Want to Be a Better Athlete?

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Want to be a Better Athlete?

It seems everyday people approach me with the same questions about how to become a better athlete. These are individuals with goals such as running an obstacle course race or completing the Boston Marathon. High school and college athletes, weekend warriors and of course people who just want to look like an athlete. Most of the time these individuals are dedicated gym goers who log hours of workouts each week but just can’t seem to get to the next level. They often have been performing the same workout week after week with little to no improvement. What amazes me is that these workouts usually have no athletic movements in them what so ever. Instead, they either involve heavy upper body exercises (particularly with men) or low weight and high repetitions as they do not want … Read More »

Pam's Training Log

Keep up with Pam as she trains for her next strongman competition.


Thursday, 7/13 2 Weeks Out


Honestly, my energy level is pretty good, but psoas is so pissed right now that pulling 185 is actively painful. ...


Wednesday, 7/12 2 Weeks Out

Repetition Log – 2 x 8-10 reps, 140 x 8, 140 x 8

Close Grip Bench – 3 x 10, 95,...


Tuesday, 7/11 2 Weeks Out

I skipped conditioning day to do some rehab and I really think that was the right thing to do. Hopefully,...