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Saturday, 1/2 5 Weeks Out

Yoke Overhead Carry – 3x (2 x 45’), 195, 225, 265

Yoke Conan Carry – 3x (2 x 45’), 285, 325, 375

Yoke – 3x (2 x 45’), 500, 570, 640

Stone over bar – 114 x 3, 156 x 5, 114 x8 in 0:60s

Feeling very ready for the first events day of 2016. Yoke three ways was a triple delight.

Overhead carry Yoke went very well. I went the full distance both ways with 265. It was heavy, and slow, but a PR. I was happy since last time I only took it for 30’ with 2 drops.

Conan carry yoke also went well with a PR today. I hit 375 with solid speed, which is the weight for USS Nats. I know the actual wheel will feel different, but I’m looking forward to this event. I need to work on breathing and speed.

Regular yoke felt better than it has in a long time. I hit a full length (45’) 640 yoke walk. It was slow, and the hill has never seemed so tall, but I finished it. That is nearly 3x bodyweight, so I’m very close to that goal. Just need to drop a few more pounds, but I’m going in the right direction.

We finished up with some stone work. I warmed up with the 114 for 3 reps just to feel it. Then I hit 156 for 5 reps, which is the most I’ve ever hit with the Fabio stone. Then I did a speed set of the 114, 8 reps in 60s.

Feeling very strong lately and really happy with the way my cut is going.

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