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Saturday, 1/9 4 Weeks Out – B

Warmup – Prowler, dynamic stretching

Farmer’s Walk – 3 x 2 lengths, 135, 185, 225, 185 speed

Hand over Hand Sled Pull – 135, 180, 225

Sandbag Carry & Load – 130, 175

Stone over 48” Bar – 114 x3

I am 4 weeks out from my next contest. I’m feeling pretty ready, but not yet peaked, exactly where I want to be.

Farmers felt great today. I had easy speed at the lower weights, and was still reasonably fast at 225. The pick at 225 was only ok, but I went right into my acceleration smoothly and got up to speed very well. When I back dropped down to 185 for speed, I felt very fast. Quicker pick and solid speed. Grip is not a problem at this weight and distance, so I’m really looking forward to this event in Feb.

The sled work felt explosive today, even up to 225. My pull is improving, and I’m able to drive through my legs more efficiently. Looking forward to this event as well.

We did a sandbag carry and load of about 25 feet, to the 48” contest height. The 130 is no longer a challenge, but the 175 was some work at first. The way I was picking the bag for a carry before won’t work for the load. It took me a bit to figure that out, so I had several load attempts before I adjusted. Once I reset the bag so it would sit tighter even in the loose bag, I carried it and loaded it easily.

I finished with a couple of stone reps just to grease the groove. I still have to remind myself every rep to stay in proper position and look up. I can get lazy about squeezing the stone into my body, which I still need more work on. They felt very easy even when I didn’t use perfect form, so that’s something.

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