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Saturday, 1/16 3 Weeks Out

Yoke Overhead Carry – 3x (2 x 45’), 215, 245, 275 x 25’

Yoke Conan Carry – 3x (2 x 45’), 305, 350, 385

Stone over bar – 114 x 3, 156 x 1, 114 x7 in 0:60s

Sled Pulls – 135, 180, 225, 270

Feeling a little tired today. Yoke overhead carry went well and I pr’d with a 25’ carry of 275. I’ll get that farther and up the hill next time.

Conan carry yoke also went well with a PR today. I hit 385 with solid speed, but I really need to work on my breathing here.

I am dropping regular yoke out of the rotation until after the next comp to manage back stress. I miss it, but running around with several hundred pounds does add stress.

Next we did some stone work. It wasn’t feeling great, so I didn’t push it. I warmed up with the 114 for 3 reps. Then I hit 156 for 1 rep, and didn’t really have another in me today. Then I did a speed set of the 114, 7 reps in 60s. Not my finest stone work, but it will get better.

We finished with sled pulls. They were really feeling good today. I went up to 270 for a tough pull. It was so heavy that it pulled the floor with it and we had to fix the bubble before I could finish the pull.

Overall a good day. I’ll have better days on the stone, but everything else was a success.

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