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Monday, 1/18 3 Weeks Out – A

Warmup – dynamic stretch, sledgehammer prowler

Circus db Press– 3 x 5/3/1+, 55 x5, 65 x3, 75 x4 R, 75 x0 L

Strict Overhead Press – 3 x 5/3/1+, 80 x5, 90 x3, 105 x5

WG Pullups – 5 x 10, 1 blue band, 1 blue band, 1 blue band, 1 blue band, 1 blue band

3 Way Shoulder Raise– 5 x 10, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12

Curls – 5 x 10, 65, 65, 65, 65, 65

BW Skulls – 5 x10, PB+2, PB+2, PB+2, PB+2, PB+2

Sandbag Sprints – 5(1:00/0:30), 3 carry/2 sprint, 2 c/2 s, 2 c/2 s, 2 c/2 s, 2 c/2 s

I’m starting to feel a bit tired, but my performance is still on point, so I’ll keep pushing it for a bit. I only have to get thru next week to hit my Deload.

Circus db is still a struggle, but I did see some improvement. I hit 4 reps on my right side with the 75. I still wimped out on the left side though.

SOHP was ok. I make very slow progress here, but I’ll take 5 at 105.

Wide grip pullups are coming along. I think it’s as much the weight loss as a strength increase, but I’m ok with that. I moved to a band with less resistance.  Had to split the last 2 sets to get all the reps, but glad I did it.

3 way shoulder raises was tougher with the 12s, but I managed to grind it out.

Curls felt were tough at 65, especially super set with the bw skulls.

The finisher today was tough, but it was better than last time. 45’ sandbag sprint, then 45’ unweighted sprint back to the start, 45’ back to the sandbag for another sandbag sprint. Very tough work, and I was smoked after this one, but happy with my consistency.

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