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Saturday, 1/23 2 Weeks Out – B

Warmup – Prowler, dynamic stretching

Circus db doubles – work up to 65

Farmer’s Walk – 2 x 2 lengths, 135, 185 speed

Hand over Hand Sled Pull – 135, 180, 225, 270

Sandbag Carry & Load – 2x (130, 175)

I am 2 weeks out from my next contest. I’m feeling pretty ready, nearly peaked, exactly where I want to be. Today was the last heavy events day prior to the contest. We structured this like a mini comp.

We did some db doubles first, working up to 65. They felt good, but I’m still not sure about this event. I really hate the way my shoulders feel under a dumbbell this heavy. I didn’t want to go too heavy and mess with our final pressing day.

Farmers felt great today. I had easy speed at 185 and decided to stop there since it’s already over comp weight. My pick was faster than it’s been lately too.

The sled work felt explosive today, even up to 270. We took a bunch of reps here, and worked up to some pretty heavy pulls.

We did a sandbag carry and load of about 25 feet, to the 48” contest height. The 130 is no longer a challenge, and the 175 was pretty easy today. I’m feeling more confident about this event than I was before.

I was happy with our mini comp today, and had plenty more in the tank. It is notable that we skipped the deadlift, but I don’t like to deadlift heavy too many times in the same week.

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