2016-02-06 Meet Report

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Saturday, 2/6/16, NH Strongman Championships Meet Report

This meet was a great learning experience for me. It was my first time seriously competing in a meet where I was also coaching, a bigger challenge than I expected. My client had to do a water cut to make weight, and it was my first time coaching a water cut. The drive to weigh-ins on Friday was a snowy and slow experience. Weight was made and re-hydration and snacks were had. I was happy to learn that I am less than 10 pounds away from my weight class for nationals. Unfortunately, Friday night’s pre-competition meal was too excessive for such a small meet and I was left feeling overfull well into the meet.

On Saturday morning, the drive up was fairly relaxed. I came into the meet feeling good, though a bit more overfull than I’d like. Next time, I’ll be sure to pay closer attention to the size of the meet. It went by so quickly that I didn’t lose the feeling of being overfull.

The first event was the circus dumbbell clean and press. The weight was 100#, and when I signed up for this event, I knew there was a good chance I’d zero the event. I did. I’ve previously felt that circus dumbbells are easier than my loadable dumbbell, but this one wasn’t. I admit, I don’t like that event, and it goes to the bottom of the training priority list. That is a weakness that I can and will address.

The second event was farmer’s walk for 50’ with 175# per hand. I had a time of 9.36s which was slower than I’d like, but I was somewhat conservative on this since the grips on the farmers were fat and smooth. I’m used to barbell width grips with heavy knurling, so I didn’t want to risk a drop. Farmers are my jam and I love them.

Axle deadlift was third, normally a good event for me. It was listed as 18” and 400#, and I zeroed this event. I’ll admit to being somewhat confused by this. I didn’t feel bad warming up, everything felt fine with the exception that the weight felt significantly heavier than they said it was. Even the empty rig felt significantly heavier than the 220# it was supposed to be. The 375# warm up I took felt like 400# usually does. I’ve never had an experience like this before, so I’ll admit to being somewhat confused. I’m not sure if I’m deluding myself but I think the weight was wrong. Normally an off day for me feels much worse than weights feeling heavy, and frankly I can pull 400# from 18” on a bad day, so that one threw me a bit. Also, farmers feel like crap on an off day, and they felt great.

I rebounded somewhat on the sled pull. It was a 50’ hand over hand pull of a prowler with 4 plates on each side, which I estimate at ~405#. This was my favorite event of the meet. I love farmers, but this was more fun than I expected. I felt really strong with this (again, not usually something that happens on an off day). The fact that it was run standing was a surprise, and we hadn’t trained for it.

The final event was a sandbag over bar from 20’. It was a sandbag series of 150, 175, 200. I liked this event a lot, but I wasn’t as fast as I’d like. I was able to load the first two bags and ran out of time to attempt the third bag. The pick on the 175 was especially slow, and then I took my chest out on the crossbar. That slowed me down and with only 15s left I wasn’t going to get the 200.

Overall, I accomplished my primary goal of qualifying for USS Nationals. But, I was overfull, a mistake I haven’t previously made. Friday’s dinner was more than I needed, and breakfast put me into the too full state that stayed with me all day. If the meet had been slower, I think I would have recovered more, but it was the fastest meet I’ve ever heard of. Usually going into a meet slightly overfull is a good strategy for me since it’s hard to eat during the day.

I was less motivated to really go after it. I think this is because I wasn’t against anyone. I was also very distracted trying to coach and lift nearly back to back. I didn’t feel like I did a very good job coaching or competing. But, on a positive side, I learned a lot both as a coach and as a competitor. I’ll put this into practice going forward.

On to Kentucky!


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