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Saturday, 2/20 16 Weeks Out

Fingal Finger – Empty, many singles, then 4 flips in 60s

Yoke Conan Carry – 3x (2 x 45’), 285, 325, 375

Stone over bar – 114 x 3, 114 x9 in 0:60s

First Saturday using the new Fingal Finger. I was excited to really get it going. We did a bunch of singles to figure out the best way to set it up. I’m still getting over my nervousness about breaking something, but managed 4 flips in 60s, nearly 5 flips, but didn’t quite get it tipped in time. I’ll get better at these with more practice.

Hit some decent speed on the front yoke carry. Can’t wait to train this outside and go farther. We’ll both take this implement for the whole 60s, so we’ll need to practice that.

Finished up with some light stone work. Managed to smack my hand on the crossbar pretty good. I kept going and managed 9 reps in 60s. Not too bad for losing some time with the finger smash.

Not a bad day, but not killing it yet. A good foundation to build on going forward.

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