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Saturday, 2/27 14 Weeks Out

Fingal Finger – Singles, then 2 60s rounds for 6 reps and 7 reps

Axle Clean & Press – sets of 5 at 65, 95

Trap Bar deadlift – 145 x 5, 195 x 5, 235 x5, 285 x5, 325 x5

Natural Stone Carry – 100 for 13.75 lengths in 60s

Sandbag Carry – 175 for 6.75 lengths in 60s

Wildcard day! Fun events drawn out of a hat. Finger was first, and I’m really improving here. Finally getting over my fear of taking out the lights. I measured of course, but it still made me nervous at first. This time, I was much faster, getting 7 reps inside 60s.

We did some quick axle clean and press, not my favorite, and I kept it light.

Next we hit some trap bar deads. I love trap bar, and it’s nice when 325 for 5 feels light.

We finished with some 60s max distance carries. I warmed up with the 100# natural stone for 13.75 lengths, kind of a run. Then I took the 175# sandbag for 6.75 lengths.

A good and fun day. Back to work next week.

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