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Saturday, 3/5 13 Weeks Out

Yoke Conan Carry – 3x (2 x 45’), 285, 355, 395/400

Stone over bar – 114 x 2, 135 x2, 175 x1, 250 attempt no go, 175 x2

Today’s focus was stone. We skipped fingal finger to make sure we had plenty of time to get a lot of good reps on the stones.

The conan carries with the yoke are feeling great. I went up to 400# for my final length and maintained solid speed. I can’t wait to get outside and train this for the whole 60s.

Stone went pretty well all things considered. I worked up to 175 for 1, and then wanted to try and lap the 250. That didn’t quite happen, though it doesn’t feel too far away. I tugged on that stone for a good long time though, and wore myself out. I wanted to finish up with 4 reps at 175, but I only had 2 in me after wearing myself out so much. Overall, I was pretty happy with the session. My reps felt solid, and the 175 didn’t feel too heavy. I definitely need some stones between 175 and 250.

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