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Saturday, 3/12 12 Weeks Out

Duck Walk – 45’ x 2, 45, 90, 135, 180, 225

Yoke – 45’ x 2, 285, 375, 465, 555 for 20’

Frame Carry – 100’, 180, 230, 270, 320 in 16.44, 15.44

Wildcard day again! I wanted to try some new things, and bring back some favorites that haven’t been in the rotation lately.

First up – duck walks. I had always wanted to try these. We started off very light just to get the feel of it. Do a round, load a plate until we had 225 on the handle, and couldn’t fit any more plates. I’m going to need a longer pipe. But, I had a lot of fun quacking at the end of every round.

Yoke was next, because I hadn’t had a yoke on my back in over two months. I can tell I’ve been ignoring this because 555 felt crazy heavy, and I’ve done as much as 645 in the not too distant past. I’ll keep this in the rotation going forward.

We did some light but longer frame carries to finish up. I went up to 320 for some speed work. That will continue to go up as we can get outside more regularly.

Overall a good day. Nothing terribly heavy, but felt good to have a yoke on my back again and do some distance work outside.

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