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Saturday, 4/2 9 Weeks Out

Fingal Finger – singles and doubles at 190, 210

Yoke Conan Carry – 60s rounds of 10’ circles, 195 x 6 rotations in 60s, 285 x 4.5 rotations in 60s

Partner Medball Circuit / Rope combo

Feeling pretty rough after 5/3/1+ week, so I kept things light today.  Did some singles and doubles with the fingal finger just to stay fresh on it.  Then we tested out the loading function, just threw a 20# db inside to see how it felt.  Honestly, didn’t feel a whole lot of difference, and it worked great.

We set up a circle to take the front yoke carries for longer distances for the first time.  60s rounds were tougher than I expected.  Elbow sleeves may be more important than I previously thought.

Honestly, I was pretty wiped after this, and we finished up with some cardio to work out the soreness.  You know I’m feeling rough when cardio sounds better to me than strongman.  Stretching and foam rolling rounded out the day, and now I’m onto Deload week.

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