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Saturday, 4/9 8 Weeks Out

Fingal Finger – singles at 190, 215, 240

Yoke Conan Carry – rounds of 10’ circles, 195, 225, 285, 325 x 2.5 rotations in 60s

Stone over bar – 114 x3, 135 x1, 175 x2

A solid events day, even if it wasn’t the fastest paced day ever.

I started with my fingal finger and did some singles with it.  I loaded up to 240 for a fairly easy single.  I need to keep pushing the weight there.

Then I went to conans and did some 10’ circles for time. Front yoke in a tight circle like that is fairly tough since the implement wants to rotate around you. The elbow sleeves helped with the skin integrity.  I went up to 325 for 60s with 2 drops.  I need to fine tune the pick with the sleeves on.  Not bad progress here.

Stone was the final event of the day and I got the 175 easily for a double.  I then tried to lap the 245 again, and failed again.  Next time I should just focus on getting more reps at 175.

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