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Saturday, 4/16 7 Weeks Out

Fingal Finger – singles at 190, 215, 240, Speed round at 190 for 10 reps in 60s

Yoke Conan Carry – rounds of large circles outside, 195, 225, 285, 375 x 60s

Stone over bar – 114 x3, 135 x1, 175 x4

Seven weeks out and events day again.  We did some heavy singles with it, to 240 for a fairly easy single.  Then we did a speed round, and I was pleased to get 10 reps in 60s.  I’m getting more efficient, which is good.

We did conan style yoke carries outside today.  A much larger circle was used, but we didn’t measure it.  The pick is super important here, and I’m still fine tuning that with the sleeves on, but I’m feeling good.  I went up to competition weight and got some decent distance.  Also, lots of pick work since that is the most important aspect for me.  I’m happy with my progress here.

Stone was the last event of the day.  I wanted to get some quality reps with the 175. I managed 4 solid reps which is a pr.  I am doing much better with stones lately, getting my power harnessed into motion with the stone.

Afterwards, we poured some new stones, including a new 18” stone.  Can’t wait to try that out.

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