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Saturday, 4/23 6 Weeks Out

Fingal Finger Cleans – 190 x 5, 215 x 5, 240 x 3, Speed cleans at 190 for 10 reps in 60s

Yoke Conan Carry Picks – 195, 285, 335

Stone over bar – 114 x3

Today was kind of a light day for events.  I brought my dog to the gym for the first time and while it was great for him, it was a big distraction for me.

I got some good work in with the finger, just doing some cleans to overhead, no flips.  I was going to go higher, but that ended up being more work than I was willing to do for just me.  I don’t like training events alone.

I did mostly pick practice with the front/conan carry yoke.  I wasn’t really feeling it and I still have some bruises from last week.  Getting some time to just focus on picks was useful without being taxing.

Stone really freaked out the dog, so I cut it short.  Not a bad day over all, and I’ll get back into it with a vengeance this weekend.

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