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Saturday, 4/30 5 Weeks Out

Fingal Finger Singles – 190 x 3

Yoke Conan Carry – 195, 285, 375 x 2

Stone over bar – 114 x 1, 135 x 1, 175 x 1

Events day today.  I took it easy on the fingal finger because my tris were totally fried.  Just did some light singles.

We did front yoke carry outside again, and I hit that pretty hard.  Went up to competition weight for 2 rounds.  I got the whole rotation for the first time at this weight.  My picks have been improving steadily here.  When I get a good pick, I can really move.  Feeling very confident about this event.

I took it easy on stone, just worked up to 175 for a single.  I tried the 235, but I don’t have the feel for the diameter.  I didn’t push it too much since I’m coming into a Deload week.

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