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Monday, 5/10 4 Weeks Out

Warmup – Dynamic stretching, light Prowler sprints, sledgehammer

Log Press, clean every rep – 3 x 5+, 105 x5, 120 x5, 140 x11, 95 x 12 in 60s

Z Presses – 3 x 5+, 70 x5, 80 x5, 90 x5

WG Pullups – 3 x 10, blue, blue, blue

Super Ram Bench – 3 x 10, 185, 185, 185

Bradfords – 3 x 10, 45, 45, 50

Db Pullovers – 3 x 10, 60, 60, 60

Db Flys – 3 x 10, 20, 20, 20

More frustration today, but I got some work done in spite of it.  On Saturday afternoon, I slipped in some water at home and strained my Sartorius. Not badly, but enough that it bothers me and I could feel it the whole session.  I cut the overhead yoke finisher because I thought it would be too much heavy stabilization work when just walking was not totally comfortable.

I was worried that it would impact my log performance, but it didn’t really.  I hit 11 reps at 140, and honestly had more in me.  My legs just didn’t feel great stabilizing the log, and I wanted to stop while I was ahead.

Speed log is was great, and I hit 12 so I’ll go up next time.

Z Presses are getting tough.  90 for 5 was not as much as I wanted, but after doing well with the log I won’t complain.

I went down to the next smaller band for wide grip pullups.  I’m really pleased with my progress here. Pullups were superset with Super Ram Bench.  It’s going pretty well, but on my third set I got pretty smoked out and only got 8 reps.

I finished up with bradfords, dumbbell pullovers and dumbbell flys. I was finally able to move up a whole 5# with the bradfords. The pullovers felt great, and I’m hoping this extra attention to my lats will serve me well this last cycle.

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