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Saturday, 5/14 3 Weeks Out

Fingal Finger Doubles – 190 x 2, 215 x 2

Conan Yoke Carry – 195, 285, 375

Stone over bar – 122 x 1, 135 x 1, 175 x1

Not a bad events day.  I went easy on Fingal finger today.  Working form and speed, especially between reps.

Took the yoke for a few spins outside.  Feeling confident about this event.

Stones were a tough event for me today.  I had been hoping to get the 200# stone.  The larger diameter really was a lot tougher than I expected.  I thought it’d be a challenge, but I had no idea how much different it would feel.  The 16” 175# stone is so easy for me now, that I thought I’d have the 200#.  I ended up lapping the 165# 18” stone but not loading it.  That one is pretty smooth, but it was frustrating for me.  Maybe I’ll get the tacky out next weekend.  Time to grind on with stones.

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