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Wednesday, 6/11 1 Week Out

RDL – 3 x 5, 95 x5, 135 x5, 135 x5

Front Squat – 3 x 5, 110 x5, 140 x5, 170 x5

Barbell Row – 3 x 10, 185, 185, 185

Squat – 3 x 10, 150, 150, 150

Yoke Bar Stepups – 3 x 10, 70, 70, 70

Yoke Bar Good Mornings – 3 x 10, 70, 70, 70

Prowler High/Low Sprints – 3(1:00/0:30)

Today was the last leg day before nationals. Similar to Monday, today was about moving weight and feeling good.  Nothing too heavy and nothing too light, just trying to stay in that sweet spot of working and feeling strong.

I started with some light Romanian Deadlifts. I like to have 2 full weeks to recover from deadlifts before a meet, so I stayed very light at 135.

Front squats felt good.  170 is right in that sweet spot for me of enough weight to be not slacking, but not enough to be overly taxing.

I dropped the rows to 185 and they felt great.  I dropped the squats to 150 and only 10 reps.  Ten is so many less than 15, really it is. I did the yoke bar stepup and good morning superset like I did last week.  I still have a touch of fatigue in the low back, but nothing that I’m worried about.

I finished up with 3 rounds of prowler sprints high/low.  I’m feeling strong, but not fully recovered yet.  That is what next week is for, Deload and setting the table for a solid performance. Can’t wait.

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