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Saturday, 7/6

Agility Ladder work

Loadable db & Keg Press Medley – 45# db light keg

Farmer’s Walk – 80’ with a turn at 40’, 135, 185

Hold – 90

Sandbags – 130/175

A light day of practice for Lift Free or Die. Got to get a newbie excited about competing for the first time.

Fun with the loadable dumbbell & keg medley.  Kept it light, but banged out some fast reps in a minute.  I think I’m actually going to like that event in spite of the circus dumbbell.

Did a quick 185 with a turn on the farmer walks. It was short of competition distance, but it felt good.

I demonstrated the hold event, or at least the way I mocked it up in my place, but didn’t really train it.  I tend to have good holds without much practice.

The sandbags were the only real work I did all day.  It felt good to move with some decent weight.

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