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Friday, 7/22 Lift Free or Die Weigh-in

Official meet weigh-in 178.4

Today was tough, but I made it.  The week wasn’t too bad in general, but this final day was a challenge.  I ended up drinking a cup of dandelion root tea at 12:30a because I couldn’t sleep.  I woke up a half pound heavier than I went to bed, but then was able to come down two pounds very quickly in the morning, putting me within two pounds by 10a.

I didn’t eat anything before weigh-in, and only had ice chips and occasionally a sip of cold dandelion root tea.  I did a couple more sweats in the hot tub in the afternoon, and landed at 179.6 when I got into my car to drive to the weigh-in.  I was surprised that I wasn’t more hungry during the day.  I didn’t have any trouble fasting because I didn’t want food.

I drove up to the gym to beat the traffic and to pick up a few things I’d forgotten. I had about a 35 minute drive to the gym, and then 45 minutes from the gym to the meet venue.  I learned when I left my house that the air conditioning in my car had died. It was 95 out. That was not part of my plan. I was sweating all the way to the weigh-in, and ended up two pounds underweight at 178.4.

After taking a flexie water cut picture, I chugged some Gatorade.  I felt immediate improvement.  I filled out my paperwork, and then headed into the car for the ride home.  During the ride home, I had 2 bottles of pedialyte, some BCAAs and creatine, a small bag of potato chips and a granola bar.  That allowed me to recover five pounds on the ride home, but I was still very hot. I drank some cold water and relaxed for a few minutes before I was ready to make dinner.

I ate a large dinner, but did not overstuff myself.  I finished a full family size serving of ravioli, a large fresh tomato and about half a pound of ground beef.  It took me a couple of hours to finish, but I felt great.

I went to bed at about 188 so ten pounds over my weigh-in.  I had quite possibly the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had before a meet. I woke up feeling great.

There were a few things I’d do differently next time.  First, I’d hope to be a little closer to the weight class so I wouldn’t have to cut quite so much weight.  The last few pounds were tough.  Doable, but not ideal.  Second, I’d make dandelion root tea ice cubes so that the liquid I was taking in via ice chips is a diuretic rather than plain water.  The hot tub was definitely a key part of making weight.  I’m glad to have been successful in making weight, but I hope not to have to do quite so much next time.  It was a total of 15 pounds cut, though the last pound and a half wasn’t intentional.


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