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Saturday, 7/23 Lift Free or Die

This was my middleweight debut, and it was a very fun meet. Also, the first time I’ve done an all-women’s meet.

First event was a medley of keg press and the circus dumbbell.  The dumbbell is my worst pressing event, but I do like pressing kegs. It was very strange for me to be competing as a middleweight and learning to listen when they called the group.  I was literally the first competitor in lane 2, so it was weird for me.  I started with the keg, and got 7 total reps. Not the speediest event I’ve ever done, but I tied for first.

The second event was the keg drop deadlift. I took a little longer than I should have to figure out the footing. I got all 6 reps in 15.88s, which was only good for second place, but it was my favorite event of the day.

The third event was the farmer’s walk.  I need work on my turns, but I was fast enough to take first here. I look like I want to kill people when I farmer, but I really am very happy.  Farmer’s walks are my favorite event of all time.

The fourth event was the country crush hold.  I was annoyed with myself that I got 59.9s, and couldn’t make it to the minute mark, but it was good enough for the win.

The final event was the sandbag load. I was glad to be last, since I knew exactly what I had to do to win.  I started off easily with the 175, then went on to the 200. I moseyed along to finish up with the 150, and leisurely tossed it up on the platform.

I really had a lot of fun at the meet.  It’s always nice to see so many local strong friends around.

Now to decide if I want to buckle down and get myself ready for strongman corp nationals……decisions decisions.

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