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Saturday, 10/22 B Week

Warmup – Agility Ladder, light Prowler, dynamic stretching

Sandbag Carry – 3 60s rounds, 130# 7 laps, 175# 6 laps, 175# 6.5 laps

Stone over bar – 122 x 8 in 60s, 175 x 3

Medley of Keg (120# H20), Duck Walk (180#), Sandbag (175#) – 2 rounds

Prowler high/low 1/1 – 4 60s rounds @ 185

Feeling great on events day and hit my lowest bodyfat reading to date.  I’m super pumped about that because I’ve been feeling strong lately.

Worked some sandbag carry for distance in 60s. I still need more work on my picks, but once I’m moving, I’m pretty solid. I was happy that I got further on my second carry at 175 vs my first at that weight.

I did 2 quick rounds of stone that felt pretty good.  I hadn’t picked up the 175 in a while, so getting three good reps on it felt great.

I moved on to the medley after that, and felt like I had some good speed.  I didn’t put a clock on it, but it felt good.

I finished up with four rounds of prowler high/low at 185. It was a great finisher on a good day.

Afterwards, I took some time to stretch, foam roll and work some trigger points while drinking my post workout shake.  I am feeling pretty good and getting back into shape.  Plenty of work to do, but I’m more excited than ever to get to it.

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