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Saturday, 11/5 A Week

Bench – 95 x 5, 135 x 5, 155 x 5, 185 x 3

Tire Flip, Sledgehammer, 50# kb swings – 3 rounds

Trap Bar deadlift (high handles) – 145 x 4, 185 x 5, 215 x 5, 235 x 5, 255 x 5, 325 x 3, 355 x 3, 375 x 6

Farmer Walks – (2 x 45’), 150 w/turn, 170, 190, 210

Yoke – (2 x 45’), 375, 425, 465, 515, 565 x 1

Prowler high/low @ 185# 6 rounds on a 0:45 sendoff

I was so ready for events day today. I’m feeling good and ready for whatever comes my way.  We decided to bench first, because there was a powerlifter here.  I hadn’t benched heavy in a while, and I was able to get 185 for 3 solid reps of effectively bodyweight (actual bw 187.6 with shoes). Feeling pretty great about that.

We did a few rounds of conditioning with tire flips, 25 kb swings and the sledgehammer.  It was fun.

Next the boys wanted to hit some trap bar deadlifts, so I worked up with them.  When they dropped out, I repped out 375 for 6.  It was off the high handles, not the floor, but that’s still double bodyweight for 6 reps.  I was pretty happy about it.

We did some farmer walks next and I was excited to load up the new toys.  I did some light turns and then straight shots as the weight went up.  I was happy with 210 a hand.

Next I hit some yoke runs.  I was very pleased to be able to work up to a triple bodyweight yoke.  I just did one pass with that, but it felt pretty good. It’s a lot lighter than it used to be, but I’ll take it after all the other stuff.  My sights are set on a 700 yoke when that’s a quad bodyweight, but I’m not pushing it too hard right now since I don’t have a contest with yoke in sight.

I finished up with a prowler conditioning cycle.  Next time, I really need to remove my knee sleeves first.  I get massive calf cramps if I just fold them down, and I missed a sendoff because of it.  I wasn’t even that winded.  Lesson learned.

A great first day of a new, heavier cycle.  Looking forward to hitting some weight this week.


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