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Saturday, 11/12 B Week

Warmup – Agility Ladder, dynamic stretching

Fingal Finger – 2 60s rounds @ 190, 8 reps, 9 reps

Sandbag Carry – 2 60s rounds, 130# 9.5 laps, 175# 7.5 laps

Prowler high/low 1/1 – 6 rounds @ 185 with 4 friends

A bit of a fun events day here.  We got out the fingal finger and did a couple of 60s rounds.  I’m just a touch off my best round ever, having not trained it in a while.  Feeling pretty good.

Next we did some sandbag carries.  I still need plenty of work on my picks.  But, my speed was pretty good once I got moving.  I’m feeling pretty satisfied with my speed in general, but I’ve got to get those picks faster.

We finished with a prowler drill that I like a lot, but was maybe kind of easy with 4 people.  Overall a good day.

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