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Saturday, 11/19 A Week

Farmer Walks with turn – (Turn at 45’), 100, 100, 120, 150

Tire Flip, Sledgehammer, 50# kb swings – 3 rounds

Fingal Finger, singles, doubles

Tire Flip – 4 rounds of 5 flips each

Revers Prowler/low @ 225# 3 rounds

It was a bit of an easy events day today.  I had been feeling a little beat up, so I did mostly speed work today.

I started the day by making a 225# sandbag and carrying it into my gym.  It is the heaviest pick I’ve ever gotten without tacky – and I was cold.  (Don’t do that kids, do as I say, not as I do.) When you make a bag, you have to get it into your gym somehow.

Next we did some fingal finger work. I decided not to go too hard here since I have a hot date with my log on Monday, but I had fun doing some singles and doubles.

We did some tire flips and finished with some reverse prowler.  It was a good easy day.  Looking forward to hitting it on Monday.


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