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Saturday, 12/3 A Week

Fingal Finger, singles, doubles, 60s round – 8 reps

Sandbag carry – 130 for 2 laps x 2, 175 for 2 laps x 2, 225 for 4 laps

Revers Prowler/low @ 225# 4 rounds

Feeling pretty good today for events day, but didn’t want to go all out since I have 2 weeks of max effort coming up.

Worked on some light fingal finger and one round of speed work.  Not my best showing, but not bad either.

Next, we did several quick rounds of sandbag carry. I wanted to use the opportunity to work on my pick.  Finally, I decided to try the 225 and see how far I could carry it. I managed a solid pick and got 4 laps for a total of about 160’. I was very happy with that effort.

We decided to finish with some solid prowler conditioning rather than continue with events.  It was a solid day, and I’m looking forward to the following two max effort weeks.

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