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Saturday, 12/10 B Week

Warmup – Agility Ladder, dynamic stretching

Farmer’s Walk with turn – 2 x 45’, 100, 135, 185

Farmer’s Walk with no turn – 45’, 205 x 2, 225 x 1

Sandbag Carry and load 52” – 130# x 3, 130# & 175# x 2

Hand over Hand standing sled pull – 40’, 135, 180, 225

Prowler reverse/low 1/1 – 6 minutes @ 225 with 2 friends

Feeling solid today for events.  Always happy to farmer walk.  I did turns up to 185, and then just did straight runs.  I worked up to 225 for a final single run. Pretty sure that’s the biggest farmer I’ve ever done as a percentage of bodyweight.  Definitely have a bit more in the tank, but need to train up the grip to get it both ways.

Next, we did some sandbag loads. My picks are improving slowly.  I need to keep working on them, but it’s nice to see progress.  We did a couple of speed loads with the 130/175 and it was pretty solid.

Hand over hand standing sled pulls were next.  Haven’t done these in a while and they felt great.

We finished with some reverse and low handle Prowler pushes.  6 minutes of back to back with me and 2 friends in the rotation.  Not a bad day.

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