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Monday, 12/12 B Week

Warmup – Dynamic stretching, light Prowler sprints, sledgehammer

Chain Bench – 3 x 5/3/1+, 145 x5, 165 x3, 185 x1

Wide Grip Bench – 1 x 10, 125

Close Grip Bench – 1 x 5, 125

Axle Clean & Press – 3 x 5/3/1+, 90 x 5, 100 x 3, 120 x 5

Wide Grip Pullups – 4 x 10, Black, black, black, black

Bent Press – 4 x 10, 40, 40, 40, 40

Well, I feel like crap.  I’m heavy today, which doesn’t make much sense, but maybe I ate more than I thought last night.  Anyway I feel like crap and today was terrible.

I didn’t feel strong. I just did one rep on the bench.  I probably had at least one and maybe 2 more, but I just wasn’t feeling it today, and I didn’t have a spot, so I stayed conservative.

I didn’t push too hard on the wide and close grip sets.  I just wasn’t feeling it and I was pressed for time anyway.

I moved on to axle clean and press, but that was also pretty rough.  I just didn’t feel explosive or strong today. I did 5 @ 120 and decided that was enough.  I was frustrated and not feeling it.

I made it through 4 sets of wide grip pullups and bent rows before I ran out of time and decided I’d had enough for the day. I don’t know if I’m getting sick or if I’m just having a bad day.  Guess I’ll find out.

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