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Saturday, 12/17 Deload Week

w/u – agility ladder

Bench – 95 x5, 135 x5, 135 x5

Log Clean & Press – 70 x5, 90 x6, 90 x5, 110 x2

Barbell complex (RDL, Row, Clean, Push Press, Squat), 45 x10reps ea, 55 x10reps ea, 65 x10reps ea, 65 x10reps ea

6 (0:45/0:45) of Side medball, Kettlebell snatch 20#, Kettlebell swing 50#, sledgehammer

Prowler – 4 min x 185 high/low with one friend

So, that whole ‘I feel like crap and maybe I’m getting sick’ thing I mentioned earlier this week?  Yeah, Thursday afternoon and Friday were rough.  I didn’t eat much besides a little white rice on Thursday night, and same thing all day Friday.  The bagel I had this morning was the first real food I’ve had that was more than a couple of bites.

It wasn’t pretty, but feeling much improved. Not 100% yet, and headed into a Deload week, but moving in the right direction.  Going to take the whole Deload week as scheduled and get back into it next week for Christmas.

We did some light bench that felt good.  Moved onto some light log.  I tested the new belt, and it’s nice and snug.

Moved onto some conditioning work with a barbell complex.  Easier than I remember.  Then I counted wrong and set the timer for double the rounds I meant to for our conditioning circuit. I got a dirty look over that one.

We finished with 4 min of Prowler high and low pushes at 185.  Light and fast. A good day to return to health. Hoping to be back at 100% soon.

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