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Saturday, 12/24 9 Weeks Out

Warmup – Agility Ladder, dynamic stretching

Farmer’s Walk with turn – 2 x 45’, 100, 120, 150

Farmer’s Walk with no turn – 45’, 170 x 2, 190 x 1

Sandbag Carry and Sprint 60s – 130# x 3c/2.5s, 175# x 2c/2s

Stone over Bar – 48”, 122 x3, 175 x2

Prowler high/low 1/1 – 12 rounds on 0:45s sendoff @ 225

Feeling good after the Deload week.  Making good progress with my cut, and passed another bodyfat milestone today.

Farmers went pretty well today.  I had good speed at the lower weights and right up to the 190.  210 didn’t go well, my grip was tired by that point.  I didn’t fight for it since I wanted to get some other things done today.

Worked some sandbag carry and sprint to get some pick practice and conditioning. 130# was solid, but I blew the second pick at 175#, and that cost me time.  The first pick at 175# was solid though.  Slowly improving here.

I was fading at this point, and decided to move on to stone.  I’m a bit out of practice at stone.  I warmed up with 122 for 3 and then 175 for two. I tried the 18” 200# stone, but didn’t have it today.  I’ve only lapped it once so far, but I did get it off the ground at least.  Need to put stones back in the rotation.

I finished with 12 rounds of 225# prowler on a 0:45s sendoff.  Excellent conditioning work.  Not a bad day overall, and I’m ready for my holiday break.

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