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Saturday, 1/7

Agility Ladder work

Pressing Medley of 75# CDB, 120# Axle, 120# Log – 2 60s rounds, 6 reps, 6 reps

Descending deadlift 18”, 15”, 12”, 9” – 135, 185, 225, 275

Sandbag load to 50” – 130/175 x 2

First events day of the year.  We decided to mock up a few of the events in our next meet to see how things feel.

I started with the pressing medley.  I went to comp weight on the circus dumbbell, and 5# under on the axle and log for easy loading.  I got 6 reps both times, but was a touch faster the second time.  Very pleased with that give they are two of my slower events.  I plan to start with log if possible on meet day, though axle might be ok also.

Then we mocked up the descending deadlift at 18”, 15”, 12” and the floor.  I worked up to 275, so slightly over competition weight.  It was pretty easy, and I felt very comfortable moving from height to height.

We finished with some sandbag carry and load.  I had a terrible pick on my first set at 175, but rallied in the second set.

We called it a day after that since we already had 4” of snow and we were pretty beat.  A good day.

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