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Saturday, 1/14

Agility Ladder work

Fingal Finger work – singles, doubles

Frame Carry – 200, 300

Core Blaster Rainbows, KB snatch/swing, sledgehammer – 3 rounds of each

Prowler high/low – 275 x 5 rounds

Deload events day has me feeling like I didn’t do much, but I suppose that is the point of a Deload.  We got the finger out and I did a few doubles for speed.

I put the frame conversion on the new farmer walks and ran around with it a couple of times at light weight.  (Video)

Then we did some conditioning.  3 rounds of the circuit with sledgehammer, core blaster rainbows and kettlebells.  Nothing crazy, just getting a good sweat going.

We finished with 5 rounds of prowler high/low @ 275.  Then some foam rolling and stretching.  A good day that makes me want to get back to the heavy asap.

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