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Saturday, 1/21

Agility Ladder work

Pressing Medley of CDB, Axle, Log – 2 60s rounds 5, 5

Farmer’s Walk with turn – 100, 130, 130

Sand bag carry & Load 130#, Yoke run medley – 3 rounds of 60s each, 2/2, 2.5/2, 3/2.5

Solo events day today.  I decided to do some events from the next comp at comp weight for speed.

First I set up the pressing medley. I got 2 rounds in and 5 reps each round.  Needs to be faster.  I was up in my head a bit about it and I usually do better with someone telling me time.

Next I did some fast farmer walks.  Again 2 rounds at comp weight and distance.  Those felt great, and I’ll be even faster with the side loaders.

Finally I wanted some practice with the sandbag, but I wanted to focus on speed.  I came up with using the 130# bag, and moving the yoke back and forth. So it went like this: sandbag carry & load, yoke carry, unweighted sprint back to sandbag and repeat. It was a tough conditioner to finish up a good speed day.


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