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Monday, 1/23 5 weeks out

Warmup – dynamic stretch, fire hydrants, sledgehammer

Axle Clean & Press – 3 x 5+, 90 x5, 110 x5, 125 x10

Speed Log – 60s, 90# x 10

Circus db Press– 3 x 5+, 55 x5, 65 x5, 75 x1 R, 75 x0 L

BW Skulls – 3 x 10, PP-4, PP-5, PP-5

Scap Retraction – 3 x 15, 40, 40, 40

3 Way Shoulder Raise – 3 x 10, 10, 12, 12

Barbell Rollouts – 3 x 10, ¾”, 10, 10

Rope Jacks/Rope – 10/100

Feeling solid today as I come off the Deload week, but the wrists are feeling all the axle work.  Hit a solid 10 @ 125#, then did a round of speed work with the log 10@ 90#.  But, my wrists were fried from the axle and I didn’t have the stabilization to press the CDB.  I was all over the place with it on my top set so I bailed. It was easy at the same weight on Saturday, so I’m not too worried.  Going forward, I’ll do the CDB first.

I did some bodyweight skulls which felt pretty good, but the elbows were a bit sore.  I may put in some other triceps movement for volume instead of these.

The scap retractions felt great. I want to keep my shoulders nice and healthy, so I put those and the 3 way shoulder raise back into the program this cycle.  I finished up with some barbell rollouts. Feeling good that I can do these unassisted now.

For my finisher, I did a rope jack & rope conditioner.  It was easier than I remember.

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