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Wednesday, 1/25 5+

Warmup – Dynamic stretching, fire hydrants, prowler sprints

DL – 3 x 5+, 235 x5, 275 x5, 315 x8

Front Squat – 3 x 5+, 150 x5, 170 x5, 190 x5

WG Pullups – 3 x 10, ½”, ½”, BW 5+2+1+1+1

Tire Step-ups – 3 x 10, 70, 80, 80

DB Rows – 3 x 10, 80, 80, 80

Seated Good Morning – 3 x 10, 115, 115, 115

Tire Flips – 60s 10

Feeling solid today, but not as fresh as I’d like to feel.  I pulled 315 for 8 easy reps.  I had more in the tank, but I didn’t want to grind any reps today.

Then I kind of fell apart on front squat.  I didn’t set up well, and I fatigued out in my upper back. I have been really working the upper back hard lately, and it will need a more substantial break before the meet.

The pullups went well, but I was feeling the fatigue on the stepups.  I might cut these in the last week to give myself some extra recovery.

The rows were work, and seated good mornings were also tough.  I ran out of time for a longer finisher, so I just did a quick set of tire flips.  I’m a bit out of practice, but they felt good.

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