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Saturday, 1/28

Agility Ladder work

Pressing Medley of CDB, Axle, Log – 2 60s rounds 6

Farmer’s Walk with turn – 135, 135, 185, 205 (no turn)

Descending deadlift 18”, 15”, 12”, 9” – 135, 185, 225, 275

Prowler High/Low – 315 x 5 rounds

Feeling solid on events day today.  I wanted to do some event mock up for the upcoming meet.  After a good warmup with the agility ladder, we did the pressing medley.  I got 6 reps at comp weights and felt fairly solid.

Then we did some farmers.  I hit some speed sets at 135 & 185, then went for a heavier set of 205 without a turn.  Farmers are feeling great.

We did some descending deadlift up to 275 for me.  That went quickly and I’m looking forward to this event at the competition.

We finished with some heavy prowler runs.  A good end to a solid day.

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