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Saturday, 2/4

Agility Ladder work

Log Press Away – 70 x3, 90 x3, 110 x3, 120 x3, 140 x3, 160 x1

Sandbag carry 60s rounds – 130 x 8 laps, 175 x 6 laps, 225 x 2 laps

Farmer’s Walk – 100, 100, 120, 120, 150, 150

Conditioning work:  sledgehammer & kettlebell

Conditioning work: med ball circuit & rope

Prowler Reverse/Low – 275 x 5 rounds

Feeling hungry to compete today, and frustrated with not being able to do so sooner.  We had Alan Charles owner of The Ice Photography at the gym today shooting as we did events.  He was awesome, and the pictures I’ve seen so far are great.  Can’t wait to see the rest!

After warming up, we decided to do some heavy log work.  I went up in triples to 140#.  I decided to try a single at 160#, which was my best ever one rep max. I had not tried it since I’ve cut weight.  I missed it on the first attempt, but rallied back and hit it on the second attempt.  I was pretty stoked to get a 160# log press at the lowest bodyweight I’ve been since I started lifting competitively. I figure it’s not too bad to be just as strong and 75# lighter.

We did some sandbag carries next, in 60s rounds to get as many laps as possible.  I started with the 130# sandbag and got 8 laps.  My pick speed is improving here, and my foot speed has increased as well.  On the 175# bag, I got 6 laps, which I think is a PR. Then I decided to give the 225# bag a try.  I had a slow pick, but eventually managed to get the bag moving for 2 laps.  Not a PR, but a solid effort after that log press and the other carries.

We did some speed farmers after that, only going up to 150# per hand.  Then we moved on to conditioning work.  We finished with a moderate weight prowler for 5 rounds of reverse/low.  A good events day after a disappointing week.

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