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Wednesday, 2/8 5+

Warmup – Dynamic stretching, fire hydrants

15” DL – 5+, 185 x5, 225 x5, 275 x5, 315 x5, 365 x7

Front Squat – 3 x 5+, 150 x5, 170 x5, 190 x9

Jefferson Curls – 3 x 10, 12, 12, 15

Single Leg DL – 3 x 10, 45, 65, 85

DB Pullover – 3 x 10, 50, 50, 50

Monster Good Morning – 3 x 10, 95, 115, 115

Stone Squat – 3 x 60s @ 122, 13, 10, 10

Running a bit of a deadlift experiment starting today.  I’m going to cycle my deadlift height each week.  I’m starting with working up to a 5-10 rep heavy set, and then next time I do this height, I’ll try and beat my rep count until I can do more than 10.  After that, I’ll go up 20#. I may add in some additional volume once I’ve gone through a whole cycle.  I’m specifically trying not to grind out heavy reps, just doing every rep I can with good form.  I would have liked a higher rep count to start with, but I am where I am.

My front squat was much better today.  I was pretty happy with 9 reps at 190#.  Not a PR, but a solid improvement over last time.

I changed up the accessory work a bit as well. First, I added Jefferson curls to increase both spinal mobility and to strengthen my erectors.  I think that is the weak spot on my deadlift currently, so I want to focus my efforts there.

I also included some single leg deadlifts.  I really wanted some hamstring intensive unilateral work. It actually is some decent grip work at the same time, so getting a little added benefit.

I switched out the wide grip pullups this cycle for the dumbbell pullover.  I wanted to take a short break from the pullups as I have basically been maxing out every week with them.  I could tell that I was getting fatigued from it, even just holding a bar on my back was getting tiring. I’ll go back to it after a cycle or two.

Monster good mornings are back as well for the erectors and hamstrings.  Really, the whole posterior chain, but monsters have always helped me build my deadlift.  That is the focus of this training cycle.

Stone squats are back in the cycle as a finisher.  I need to get my stone speed back up for nationals. I was happy to hit at least 10 each round.  That should come back up quickly.

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