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Saturday, 3/25 Trials and Tribulations

I love seeing a plan come together.  In 2016, I had a vision to drop to the 198 weight class and hit the podium at USS Nats. That plan came together beautifully.  Unfortunately, at that meet, the spotter on the Fingal finger accidentally tripped me, causing me to bobble the 400# implement.  I got the rep, but I paid for it with a low back and hip injury. I did not realize the extent of the injury until much later in the summer.  I had been improving throughout the fall, but had a setback in the winter. When I finally sought treatment, I realized the delay had cost me significant muscle loss.

In the meantime, I hatched a plan to drop to the 165 weight class.  It was a reach, but my cut had been going very well, and I was enjoying the process. I had hit my target walking around weight when the qualifier I was planning to use to get to USS Nats this year was postponed.  That was disappointing to me, as I was hungry to compete, but I figured I could handle it. A few weeks later, the meet director decided to raise the weights and make it open, no weight classes.  Another obstacle, but I reasoned that I’m strong enough to earn my spot.

Then, out of nowhere, I lost my location for Meta Performance Center. I was very happy at Middlesex Street, and had no plans to move.  But, when the tenant I was subletting from suddenly vacated, I had to find a new place and move. That kind of stress and training impact was rough. The financial impact was significantly more than the cost of a trip to nationals. While the nutritional impact was entirely my fault, it was also significant.

So, instead of thinking I’m going to go and compete to win the 165 class, I’m not even planning to go at this point. To say I’m disappointed doesn’t begin to cover the emotional impact.

I am hoping to get myself back on track and compete at SC nationals this November.  I’m still planning to compete in the USS qualifier end of April, and I’ve signed up for a favorite local SC meet as well – Granite State – in July. I’m hoping to take this spring and summer and enjoy competing in more local shows and return myself to the level of competitiveness I had in the early summer last year. 2017 will be a rebuilding year for me, but I hope to come out of it hungry for some higher level competition. I am almost settled into the new space with Meta Performance Center, and so far am loving it.

I have restarted the rehab/hypertrophy program that I started in the beginning of March. I plan to run that program until I feel like I can move weight without compensating for the weaker left side. Not sure exactly when that will happen, but I don’t want to rush it.

Then I’ll refocus on prepping for a big meet and see where I am and what is realistic to aim for in competition.  All training is cyclical, and my upcycle was excellent.  This down cycle is merely temporary.

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