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Saturday, 4/1

Agility Ladder work

Sledgehammer, Kettlebell, Rope conditioning work – 3 rounds

Seated sled pull – 90, 135, 135, 135

Barbell complex – 45 x 5 reps each, 55 x 10 reps, 55 x 10 reps

Prowler High/Low – 185 x 6

Foam Roll

A subdued first strong(wo)man Saturday in the new space.  We were still worn out from the move last week, so we didn’t go too hard.  Mostly wanted to move around a bit and get ready for next week.  The sled pull felt great, and I was surprised how easy the barbell complex was even though it’s been a while since I last did it.

We finished up with 6 fast rounds of high/low prowler.  It felt pretty solid.

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