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Saturday, 4/29 NH Strongman Championship

Pressing Medley 80# CDB, 105# Log, 105# Axle, 2 x 60s, 8 reps

Descending Deadlift – 275 14 reps

Farmer Walk – 150#

Hercules Hold – 1:07s

Keg/Sandbag Load – 160# keg, 150# sandbag

Bonus Load:  270# & 160# kegs to my Jeep

I was definitely not in competition form today, but I had fun.  Since I was the only woman entered in the meet, the promoter grouped me in with the HWW in the Intro meet.  The weights were lighter than scheduled for me, so it was a relief.  The pressing medley went ok, though I am slow at circus dumbbell.

Deadlift was pretty light and I had 25 seconds left with the winning rep count, so I stopped.

I have no idea what my time on the farmer’s was, but I felt a bit slowish for me.  I could feel the psoas a bit.  Also, I had bent my thumbnail backwards helping another competitor with her belt, and that was bothering me a bit.

The Hercules hold was also mildly compromised by the thumbnail and by my failure to get the time to beat.

The final event was the loading medley which went well.  I even put away my sandbag – and keg as it turned out when I was finished.

All in all a solid training day for me, and I was very happy to load that 270# keg into my Jeep.  New loading PR!  I got to take home the 160# also, which was a bonus.

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