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Monday, 5/1

Squat – 3 x 3, 230, 230, 230

Log Press Away – 3 x 3-4, 140 x3, 140 x3, 140 x4

Barbell Hip Thrust – 3 x 5, 100, 110, 130

Calf Raises – 3 x 25, 60, 60, 60

Well, it’s been a weekend of eating and drinking, but squats went fairly well today.  I could definitely feel the hip, but I focused on driving evenly, and the weight moved well.

Log felt pretty good too.  I was happy to get a fourth rep on the last set.  140 is where I can start to get into my head about the weight, so that was helpful.

The barbell hip thrusts felt solid, and I increased the weight here.  I think these are a great addition to my program that have been out of the rotation for too long.

Calf raises are still work so I stayed put on the weight. I may increase next time, but that is a lot of reps.  So many reps.

A solid day in spite of the poor nutrition.

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