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Thursday, 5/4 12 Weeks Out

Repetition Deadlift – 1 x 8 reps, 315

Good Mornings – 2 x 10 reps, 135, 135

Seated Sled Rows – 3 x 10, 135, 135, 135

Pullup – 3 x 10, Purple, Purple, Purple

Shrugs – 3 x 15, 275, 275, 275

Rear Delt Raise – 2 x 10, 30, 30

Hammer Curls – 2 x 8, 30, 30

Today is deadlift day, and I really wanted to pull well.  I’ve been in my head about pulling lately, and I needed a good day.  I was happy with 315 for 8, as that was 15# over the calculated percentage the program called for in this set.  I really want to get my pull back to pre-injury levels asap. It’s starting to wear on me.

The good mornings immediately after the heavy pull were tough.  I may need to add a warmup set here just to give myself a moment.

I decided to do sled hand over hand work for the seated row. It is good for me to keep that in the rotation.

The pullups felt solid and I hope to drop to the next band soon.

Shrugs were work today. I think I was just getting a bit fatigued here since I didn’t sleep well last night.

A superset of rear delt raises and hammer curls rounded out the day.

Overall, feeling much more positive about my pull.

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