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Tuesday, 5/9 11 Weeks Out

Ladder Drills – 4 x 6, high knee, lead foot out, in/out/squat, heel/toe/step

Cone Shuttle Drill – 4 x 3

Sprints w/30s between – 8 x 45’

HIIT – 10min of 40s jog, 20s prowler sprint with 135#

Side Bends – 2 x 15, 25, 25

Hanging Leg Raises – 3 x 15, 15, 15, 15

Conditioning day is here again.  Feeling pretty good in the agility ladder.  Doing the in/out/squat series feels like I’m just inflating my quads.

The cone drill is improving quite a bit, but the last round was rough.

I did short sprints inside today. I think while it’s nice out, I might make one morning sprint morning at home.  I like speed work, but would have liked a few more feet, and maybe no wall.

I decided to test myself with the 10min prowler/jogging HIIT.  It was tough, but I enjoyed the challenge.

I finished up with the side bends and hanging leg raises.  I definitely can feel some improvement here.

Then I spent a bit of time with the trigger point ball.  Trying to work out my knots, but it is tough to keep up with them.

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