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Saturday, 5/13 11 Weeks Out

Agility ladder warmup

Fingal Finger – doubles, 60s ~9, 60s 9

Bench triples – work up to 185

Tire Flip & Sledgehammer – two rounds

Yoke 4x(2 x 45’) with 60s rest, 335, 335, 335, 335

Stone load – 122# to 56” 8 x 2 with 30s rest

Prowler high & low – 136 x 6

Feeling good today and happy to see that I’m leaning out again.  That is the goal.  The break is over and it’s time to get focused again.

After a warmup with the agility ladder, we did some fingal finger for speed.  This was the first time we set it up in the new place, and it was nice to have plenty of room.  For not doing it in so long, I’m not off the pace much.  That felt pretty good.

We decided to bench after that and I worked up to a triple at 185.  Feels pretty good since I barely bench anymore.

I did a little tire flip & sledgehammer, but not much.  I was mostly setting up for the yoke.  I did get my yoke runs in and they felt pretty fast.

I’m taking a break on farmers since they tend to bother the hip.  Hoping a few weeks off will allow that to heal up.  Figured I did good work on the finger and that could count.

My last event work was the speed stone to 56”.  It felt pretty great and forced me to really work on extension. I’m really glad I have that loading table done.  I am liking the speed loads to a much greater height than I generally am asked to load to.

We finished up with 6 rounds of prowler sprints.  It felt great to hit some speed work here.  It was a very solid day, and I’m hoping the hip continues to improve.

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