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Monday, 5/15 10 Weeks Out

Squat – 2 x 8, 210, 210

Axle Press Away – 2 x 3-4, 135 x4, 135 x4

Barbell Hip Thrust – 3 x 8, 130, 130, 130

Calf Raises – 3 x 25, 65, 65, 65

Feeling well rested after yesterday’s relaxation.  Squats felt more evenly activated than they have in a long time.  The weight felt pretty easy.

The axle didn’t feel particularly light, but it was easy to get the reps, just tough on the wrists.  I also don’t feel like I’m capitalizing on my leg drive enough because of my lack of shoulder mobility.  Plenty to work on with this lift.

Barbell hip thrusts are coming along.  I’ll keep increasing here.  The hardest part seems to be setting up so I can get the bar out of the rack without falling down.

Calf raises are also improving.  I went up a bit here because I superset the hip thrusts and calf raises, so I set up another (regular) bar.

Overall a solid day.  It feels good to be back on track with my nutrition too

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