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Tuesday, 5/23 9 Weeks Out

Ladder Drills – 4 x 6, lateral crossover, lead foot out, in/out/squat, ski jump

Cone Shuttle Drill – 4 x 5

Sprints w/30s between – 10 x 45’

HIIT – 10min of 50m row sprint, row easy

Side Bends – 2 x 15, 25, 25

Hanging Leg Raises – 3 x 15, 15, 15, 15

Conditioning day and I am really settling into this program and enjoying it.

The ladder drills went well and I actually felt pretty speedy.  Cone drill was solid. I didn’t even bobble any cones this time.

The sprints are getting better. My first step quickness seems to be improving.

HIIT was 40s row at an easy pace, and 20s row full sprint.  Basically, 10 power strokes at the bottom of each minute.  It was brutal.

I finished up with the side bends and hanging leg raises.  It is getting easier and I may add or change it up next cycle to keep the challenge going.

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