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Saturday, 5/27 9 Weeks Out

Yoke 2 x 45’, 195, 285, 375, 465, 515, 555

Sandbag Runs 2 x 45’, 130, 175, 225

Stone load singles to 48” – 122, 175, 167

Stone load to 48” – 167 x 2, 167 x 3

I was pretty fired up for today’s heavy work.  Yoke went well considering it’s really only the second week of heavy work. I’m over 3x bodyweight and hit 2 x 45’ with no drops. Speed needs to come up, but it will with a little time.  I really enjoy heavy yoke.

I did some heavy sandbag carries, or rather I worked up to one ~90’ carry of the 225# bag. The pick seems to be getting easier, or maybe I was just having a good day. The walk was tougher than I wanted and I had to regrip a few times, but not too bad.

Then I moved on to stones.  I did some 16” singles at 122 & 175. Then I tried the 18” 167# and got it easily. I attempted the 18” 200# stone, but just couldn’t quite pick it. I did break the ground several times, but couldn’t hold on for the lap.  Thinking of roughing up the stone a bit to try and help grip it. It is super smooth.

After that I did a couple sets of the 167 for a double and a triple. Felt pretty good about it.

Overall a very solid day and I feel like I earned my Deload.

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