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Saturday, 6/3 8 Weeks Out

Yoke 4x (2 x 45’), 335, 335, 335, 335

Sandbag Runs 4 x 90’, 130, 130, 130, 130

Stone load triples to 56” – 8x 122 w/ 0:30s rest between sets

Updown/prowler finisher – 10/High, 9/Low, 8/High….

Well I ended Deload week early and decided to do the week one events day training today.  I don’t think I need the extra day off, and then I can beef up the weights next Saturday.

The speed yoke felt really fast and I felt great under the bar.  Sandbag work felt great, nice and easy.  My picks have improved a bit, and my footspeed was solid.

I decided to do triples instead of doubles on the stone since I picked a light stone.  I was loading to 56” so really working on my explosiveness.  Those triples really smoked me out with such little rest.

I added a finisher that was harder than I expected.  Ten updowns, then high handle prowler sprint at 135#, then 9 updowns, then low handle prowler sprint.  Worked all the way down to one.  It was a tough finisher and I was literally dripping with sweat.

A great first day of the new cycle.  Looking forward to moving some weight this week.



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